What Is Paktech?

Paktech with the aim of developing environmentally friendly technologies, after years of research and development, succeeded in localizing technical knowledge and producing new products for disinfection and neutralization of bad odors caused by microorganisms, without side effects for humans, animals and the environment.

The pure, non-alcoholic solution with a unique water-based formulation has the confirmation mark Iran’s Food and Drug Administration and the anti-Coronavirus laboratory approval, as well as the necessary health and production licenses from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

Also, the disinfectant effect of this product has been studied in reputable microbiology laboratories under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and the National Organization for Standardization, and its strength and efficiency have been proven according to National Standard No. 2842.

Disinfectant solution


Destroy The Corona Virus In 30 Seconds!

With Paktech, The Following Pathogens Can Be Destroyed Quickly!






Paktech, Main Technology

Powerful While Being Adaptable And Natural

Do you know! The main active ingredient of the PakTech solution is hypochlorite; Produced naturally in the human body by white blood cells!

White blood cells release hypochlorous substance facing pathogens. That is why they say that the human immune system is one of the strongest natural disinfectants!

Paktech is a common product of clean technology, health and safety

Paktech solution is safe and powerful and using it is completely safe!

Versatile and high level disinfectant

Variety of Paktech applications

Paktech is a combination of powerful and compatible active ingredients, a new generation of water-based disinfectant solutions that provides you a high level of safety.

Due to its high disinfecting power, long life on surfaces, rapid impact and no side effects and damage to humans, animals and the environment; PakTech solution has a wide range of applications from home to industry.

Public transportation

Metro, bus, taxi, passenger terminals, airports


Packaging, factories, slaughterhouses, warehouses, production lines, cold storages

free time

Sports clubs, swimming pools, attractions, games city

Accommodation tourist centers

Hotels, inns, roadside resorts, promenades

Educational Centers

Universities, schools, kindergartens, seminaries, libraries

Health centers

Hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, clinics


Kitchens, home appliances, bathrooms, personal appliances, toys, air conditioners


Food courts, kitchens, catering, food preparation


Commercial complexes, shopping malls, chain stores, passages

Sacred places

Shrines, mosques, mosques, places of religious gatherings

Public places

Parks, museums, zoos, recreation centers, walkways