Animal-friendly Paktech!

The main active ingredient of Paktech Solution is one of the most natural and powerful disinfectants known in the world, which is found naturally in nature and is also produced in the human body by white blood cells against microorganisms.

This solution is able to eliminate a wide range of pathogens in 30 seconds, even the Coronavirus, and works much better than any other disinfectant, and is approved by Laboratory tests.

The active ingredient in Paktech solution has been proven in clinical trials and veterinary offices as a 100% safe and specific substance, to be used in animal care products. Yet, no contraindications and adverse drug interactions have been reported in connection with the use of this substance.

محلول ضدعفونی حیوانات خانگی

This product is actually SAFE for PET

With Paktech, The Following Pathogens Can Be Destroyed Quickly!






Note: Paktech is a safe and powerful product and its use is completely safe!

This product is free of alcohol and any chemicals harmful to human health and the environment, and has a neutral pH. So in case of skin contact, there are no side effects and allergies!

Animal and environment friendly

Natural, powerful and safe disinfectant!

Paktech solution is completely safe to be used in all species of animals (mammals, reptiles and birds), regardless of their age and condition, due to its unique characteristics and formulation and having a neutral pH.

It is completely safe to use this solution to disinfect the eyes, nose, ears and mouth of the animal.

This solution, unlike some existing brands of animal care products, is free of any steroids, alcohol and antibiotics. There are no restrictions on the use of this solution and it is completely safe and reliable.

Antibacterial solution without allergies

Eliminates unpleasant odors of animals and their habitat

  • Eliminates animal odors and all surfaces of animal shelters such as cages, baskets, houses, toys and animal toilets
  • Eliminates bad odors caused by food debris such as milk, meat as well as animal waste
محلول ضدعفونی حیوانات خانگی
محلول ضدعفونی حیوانات خانگی
ضدعفونی هوا

Paktech, a compatible and safe solution!

Paktech solution is completely safe due to beeing non-alcoholic and having a suitable physiological pH range (suitable and safe range for human and animal bodies) and in the disinfection process, it does not cause any harm or sensitivity to humans and animals.

ضدعفونی حیوانات خانگی
محلول ضدعفونی حیوانات خانگی

Unique pet care products

Some Paktech applications:

  • Disinfects and eliminates unpleasant odors on all surfaces of animal shelters such as cages, baskets, houses, toys and toilets for animals.
  • Can be used for dog and cat soils, reptiles and rodents, and protect them against germs
  • Disinfection of all surfaces of livestock and animal husbandry environment, clinics, veterinary, poultry, aquaculture centers, etc.
  • Antimicrobial activity against a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites
  • Prevents the spread of various diseases and helps to improve the treatment of all infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc.