Paktch is a combination of the most powerful active disinfectants in the today’s world!

“PakTech” with the aim of developing environmentally friendly technologies, after years of research and development, succeeded in localizing technical knowledge and producing new products for disinfection and neutralization of bad odors caused by microorganisms, without side effects for humans, animals and the environment.

The pure, non-alcoholic solution with a unique water-based formulation has the confirmation mark Iran’s Food and Drug Administration and the anti-Coronavirus laboratory approval, as well as the necessary health and production licenses from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

Also, the disinfectant effect of this product has been studied in reputable microbiology laboratories under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and the National Organization for Standardization, and its strength and efficiency have been proven according to National Standard No. 2842.

Disinfectant solution


Destroy the corona virus less than one minute!

محلول ضدعفونی سطوح

Paktech operation mechanism

The mechanism of the Paktech solution is oxidizing, and the soluble compounds are of the chlorine family, which have strong antimicrobial properties and as soon as they encounter microorganisms, fungi and viruses, they penetrate into their cell membranes, and in less than 30 seconds, cleans the surfaces of germs, and also eliminates the unpleasant smell of the environment.

Disinfectant solutions based on oxidizing compounds, by carrying out the oxidation process, attack microorganisms, which oxidize the cell structure and disrupt the transfer of nutrients from the cell wall and eventually destroy them.

The active ingredients in Paktech solutions are one of the most powerful disinfectant active ingredients in the world, and we at Paktech succeeded in combining and stabilizing these powerful active ingredients that make Paktech a powerful, fast and secure disinfectant solution.

With Paktech, The Following Pathogens Can Be Destroyed Quickly!






Paktech is a joint product of clean technology, health and safety

Paktech is a safe and powerful solution and its use is completely safe!

Paktech solution ingredients

Active ingredients of Paktech solution ingredients

Chemical formula: HOCl

  • Hypochlorous acid is a powerful oxidant that is naturally produced in our body. This substance kills pathogens by destroying cell membranes. This oxidizing agent is free of chemicals, non-toxic and completely natural. The compound has a temporary, mild chlorine odor that goes away quickly. The use of this combination does not cause any side effects.

  • Advantage over alcohol: In alcoholic disinfectants, ethanol (70%) is more effective than isopropyl alcohol, both are antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral, but unlike hypochlorous acid, they are not effective against bacterial spores.

  • Continued use of alcoholic products for hand disinfection leads to hand dermatitis. While, hypochlorous acid can be used as a hand disinfectant without irritating side effects.

Chemical formula: ClO2

  • Chlorine dioxide is soluble in water and is the strongest disinfectant and oxidizer used in the water and wastewater industry after ozone.

  • Chlorine dioxide has great oxidizing power. It is a good disinfectant and has the power to kill microorganisms equal to hypochlorous acid and even better.

  • The oxidizing power of chlorine dioxide is more than twice that of chlorine. It does not react with nitrogenous and organic compounds, and as a result, no carcinogenic additives will be produced.


Chemical formula: H2O2

  • Oxygenated water or hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, clear, slightly viscous liquid with a specific weak odor and can be mixed with water in any proportion, and is one of the best and most useful products that have many applications. Active oxygen content, hydrogen peroxide can act as a strong oxidizing agent that reacts strongly with various substances and decomposes spontaneously into water and oxygen.

  • The antioxidant function of hydrogen peroxide has a detrimental effect on toxins and kills pathogenic microorganisms. Due to its strong oxidizing properties, oxygenated water is widely used in the production of disinfectants.

Chemical formula: O3

  • Ozone is an organic and very flexible disinfectant, and as a very strong oxidant, it has many capabilities in industrial and domestic use, while it will not have harmful environmental effects.

  • In general, the life of ozone in water is short, depending on the temperature and pH conditions, between 17-30 minutes, but its oxidative effect lasts up to 24 hours. But in the Paktech product, ozone is stable in water solution!

Deionized water is a water that, in addition to undergoing distillation, has been deionized by ion exchange resins or reverse osmosis. In other words, ionized water is pure water whose ions have been completely removed.

In fact, other active ingredients in soluble deionized water , form a Paktech solution.

Introduction of Paktech ingredients

Surface disinfectant

Paktech, main technology

Powerful while being adaptable and natural

Do you know! The main active ingredient of the PakTech solution is hypochlorite; Produced naturally in the human body by white blood cells!

White blood cells release hypochlorous substance facing pathogens. That is why they say that the human immune system is one of the strongest natural disinfectants!